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Monday, April 18, 2016


For real? You might have wondered as soon as you read the title. Believe me, I was intrigued as well. I wondered: How on earth did she manage to do that? And how much did she make from her debut novel for her to decide to make an absolute U-turn from her legal career to being a full-time writer.

I did some digging and what I found was both interesting and inspiring. 

Her name is Louise Ross but she writes under the pseudonym L.J Ross, and here is what I gathered so far.

While she was on Maternity leave in expectation of her son Ethan, Louise and her husband were on a train headed for Edinburgh from Newcastle in England. And as they were passing an area known as The Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is a tidal island off the northeast coast of England commonly known as Holy Island, she had an epiphany. This is what she says, “I was looking out of the train window towards Lindisfarne and happened to remark to my husband that I was surprised no one had written a book set on Holy Island. I had a notebook with me and started to scribble down ideas for a plot."

Not much is revealed about how the conversation went, but guessing from what did happen thereafter, we can assume her husband - a Barrister, egged her on to pen down her story. And after three months or so …voila! she was done - she had completed her first romantic crime novel aptly titled - HOLY ISLAND.

She gives a lot of credit to her husband for the marketing and promotion he did that led to Holy Island's debut success. According to her, he did a lot of blogging, posting on reader forums as well as social media to gunner enough buzz for Holy Island. And the efforts paid off as she reported selling over 100,000 copies towards the end of 2015, propelling her debut novel to the number 1 spot on UK’s Amazon bestseller list and earning a whooping £70,000 and well as!

How about that?

Nikos Kazantzakis, the famous Greek writer (died in 1957) once said, "In order to succeed we must first believe we can."
How true. Without that self-belief it’s pointless to try and most definitely Louise Ross beliefed she could and she is on her third book.

Personally as a writer I am inspired and I hope her story inspires you in your endeavors as well.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ionshaker Ultimate

After all is said and done Trey Woodley and Brett Dawson manage to recover the Ionshaker device from the roothless Al Fakir terror group. A lot of lives have been lost though and but it looks like the dark past of an imminent nuclear-powered third world war has passsed. At least Trey, Brett and their associates can go back to their normal boring lives.
But is it?
On their way to the beach to have a good time, Trey receives a call from the president.
"Trey," The president says.
"YesMr. President." Trey answers with a broad as Robin playfully pokes the side of his rib.
"I have received reliable intel that the Russians have made a replica of our Ionshaker nuclear device but we won't give them the chance to use it."
Trey keeps quiet as the president pauses briefly, he know what's coming. The president continues, "I need you to turn the car around. You and Brett are going to Russia to steal the Ionshaker Replica device," the president pauses again as Robin stares at her boyfriend with a frown. She can sense something is wrong. The president continues, " The mission is called Ionshaker Ultimate and I won't lie to you -  it is the ultimate suicide mission but you and Brett are the only ones I can send."


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"...Anyone you meet, anything you eat, any key you turn... anything could kill you..." 

Praise For Felix Timothy's Upcomin

" His writing flows with the story line presenting anticipation and excitement along the way. No time to be bored with a plot so ri

First Ionshaker review is out guys!!

"IONSHAKER by Timothy Felix is a tense thriller from the start. A married woman is shot in cold blood and the main suspect is her unsuspecting husband Trey. The investigation deepens as more names enter the equation.  FBI Agent Brett Dawson and deputy Nicole Anderson probe all leads. The first one being an accident involving the other woman in Trey's life which leads to more questions that need answers and a much deeper investigation than expected. Twists and turns only add to the already thickening plot.  I really enjoyed this read and have to say that it's a page turner throughout with characters that effortlessly pull you deeper into the web of IONSHAKER. If you love a fast paced thriller then this is one to buy. Hats of to Timothy Felix!   Can't give too much away to potential wouldn't be fair." - Annie Frame author of IMPRINT

Ionshaker Review by Wendy Hines

A woman is murdered while her husband is at work. The police don't make much of the crime scene and the Feds are called in. Brett and his deputy, Nicole, head the case. They comb the entire crime scene but Brett is sure the husband did it. He should have been home from work hours ago and hasn't even called. He and Nicole start investigating, sure that Brooke was having a fling or the husband, Trey, was.

When Trey is found, he is driving fervently to get to a hospital. He knows nothing about his wife's death; he is on the way to intensive care where his ex is. He is listed as next of kin and must get their quickly, as Robin Ironside and her daughter were in a horrible vehicle accident.

Brett and Nicole follow up and find out that Robin indeed is in the hospital. They post guards and continue their investigation. Further look into the vehicle Robin was driving shows vandalism, and now they have two open cases, somehow related, but they aren't sure how.

When Robin disappears from the hospital, and Nicole's body is cremated within twenty-four hours, they realize that their clues are dwindling. They dig deeper and begin to unravel an international conspiracy. The Ionshaker is nuclear software and the country that controls it, controls the world. It's a huge power struggle and anyone who gets in the way will be marked for death.

Brimming with memorable characters, thrilling action shots, theories, titles, murder and more, Ironshaker is a quick-paced heart-thumping rollercoaster. Felix Timothy takes you on a ride from scene to scene, giving the reader glimpses to pull the clues from to determine who is responsible. If you enjoy reading mystery thrillers with a lot of chases, action and good detective work, give Ionshaker a try!!